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     September 11, 2017      #80-253 a2z

8 bedrooms, dumb waiter, grand piano all part of charm

Dennis Yohnka

Did you want enough space for an indoor basketball court? How about enough room for a 20-piece musical group and an audience?

Or were you planning on eight bedrooms — four in the servants' quarters — or a four-car garage, or a lawn that stretches out for an acre and a half, perfect for an outdoor wedding or a family reunion?

The selling features at the historic brick mansion at 514 S. Fifth Street in Watseka are a little overwhelming at first. The longtime home of Dr. Kashyap and Indira Bhatt, the estate was known as the Cooney House for ...

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cocoa ("coh-cah" on A historic… @ 10/14/2020
Comment section.
shadow on Region's… @ 09/09/2020
Excellent article
shadow @ November 15, 2020, 6:18 pm
I fully agree.